The Karachi Innovation Challenge & Hackathon is an event of Pakistan Innovation Foundation held every year in Karachi to promote the new citizenship idea and startups that can create a better, smarter and productive Karachi. This helps young citizens of Karachi develop new innovative ideas. The tagline “Ijaad Kar, Nakal na Kar..”  states clearly that new, inspiring ideas will be taken in notice.

  1. DIY Citizenship– Citizen-initiated and run  ‘Do it Yourself’ Initiatives aimed at addressing Karachi’s problems in a variety of contexts (education, health, waste collection, economic empowerment, de-radicalization, etc.)
  2. Creative Human Spaces– The Use of Creative Spaces designed to culture, art, storytelling and other creative endeavors to create a humane and harmonious city (organizations like T2f and others)
  3. Smart City– Technology-driven interference to help create a smart and intelligent city that brings relief to and works for its citizens rather than vice versa.
  4. Trusted City Government– How and through what channels of technology can Karachi and its local bodies recreate their trust levels.

Register at: http://www.pif.org.pk/karachi before August 31, 2016.

The launch event was held at T2F on 17th August, 2016. The event included renowned social workers such as Afia Salam, Saad Amanullah Khan, Amar Khan Gharani and Saima Ziadi. Athar Osama and the team of PIF organization did a fantastic job in explaining why and how the event affects Karachi. #KHIinnovates is the official Hashtag of KIC 2016.

The sponsors include I Am Karachi, Open Karachi, The Nest i/o, P@SHA & more. The new enhancement is that the teams this year will be Geo tagged & using WhisperO as a proper channel. The teams will go out to their authentic consumers, which will show how productive the idea is.


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