First Amazon Book Store Opens in Seattle!

Amazon has actually opened a physical book store in University Village, Seattle where book lovers can hold, read and buy books the usual way without logging into the Amazon website.

What is so special here? Only the best books based on reader ratings and popularity charts will be available for sale here. The books will have star ratings and readers reviews to make better book buying choices.  Most books are rated 4 stars or above.

Will the cost differ? The book prices here will be same as Amazon books online. So no need to look for discounts on your mobile, before buying books here.

Will there be other Amazon products on sale? Of course Amazon would love to push their popular products Kindle, Echo, Fire TV, and Fire Tablet here also and readers can try these products hands on.

Where is it located? 4601 26th Ave. NE in University Village, Seattle. Map.

Well so Amazon has brought their years of book selling experience on the ground… lets see if they open more stores, or stick to novel delivery methods like 1 hour delivery, delivery drones and dash buttons.


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