Instagram poses online opportunities for yoga stars

So my Australian colleague Lucy says to me, “Major coincidence, one of my friends from home is on the front page of the Mail – she’s made it big as an Instagram star doing yoga.”

It’s a nice story. Eliza Landgren taught herself yoga and started building up a following on Instagram (elle_fit), and has now created her own online business around it.

OK, cynics might say that a 20-something girl dressed in a bikini showing off her figure doing yoga is bound to be popular. And I’m sure many of her followers are there for a bit of yoga-ogling – or yogaling, as it perhaps should be termed. But it makes a change from pictures of food and toddlers, which is what my feed is made up of.

Elle_fit has an impressive 135,000 followers, no doubt assisted by the Mail piece. She’s by no means the biggest yoga Instagram star. That accolade belongs to Yoga_Girl, who has 1.2 million followers. She uses Instagram (and Snapchat, incidentally) as a shop window for her blog and real-world yoga business.

I’ve recently been following Sean Vigue’s Instagram page, having been a fan of his YouTube yoga and pilates videos for some time. Like his female counterparts he provides followers with tips and makes good use of the video capabilities that Instagram offers.

Compared to Vine, Instagram seems to offer much more flexibility (no pun intended) to get an idea across – in the yoga stars’ case, showing you how to do perfect poses. It’s also a lot more geared up to mobile than a Facebook page. It begs the question, was Twitter too late with its longer-form video capabilities?


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